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Painting With a Flair
Painting With a Flair

Professional Exterior Preparation and Painting

Painting With a Flair in Covington/Mandeville, LA offers 1 free in-home estimate and consulting for all your house painting needs.

Because so many people find it difficult to take the time needed for proper exterior paint prep work, it can be a smart investment to hire a professional painting contractor.  

When choosing a professional exterior paint contractor make sure proper exterior paint preparation is included in the proposal. As you take a look around the house, you may see some obvious repairs. A professional exterior painter should point these out to you.

You should expect to find some repairs included in the proposal. Having one contractor that will complete the entire project from prep, through repairs, to final paint, will make your life much easier.

As a professional house painter, I know that it is essential to pressure wash the exterior of your home before starting your paint project because you cannot paint over dust, dirt, mildew, and algae.  The best way to pressure wash is to treat with outdoor bleach, Jomax, and water mixture in a pump-up sprayer.  I have industrial-grade pressure washing equipment that has the necessary psi (per square inch), where most homeowners do not.  This will assure proper adherence of the new paint.

Some areas may require scrapping and sanding, because of peeling and cracking paint.  These areas will also have to be primed before painting.  As a professional house painter, would not recommend an all-in-one paint and primer for the areas that need to be primed.

Painting With a Flair in Covington/Mandeville, LA has the understanding and knowledge, that in our area, painting with flat paint on the exterior of your home will promote the growth of algae and mildew. Most mildew and algae are caused by foliage growing close to the home.  It is recommended, in our area, to use some type of gloss finish, such as satin, eggshell, semi-gloss, or gloss, which in turn makes it easier to wash any mildew or algae off, unlike flat paint that has open pores.

If the prep work is improperly done or if shortcuts are taken, it will result in an unprofessional finish, and no paint manufacturer will warranty their product.  In return, you will shorten the life of your paint project as well as produce a costly outcome.  We've all seen paint peel within a few years. It's usually a sign that proper exterior paint preparation was overlooked. If you follow the best exterior house painting tips and use the best quality materials, you can add years to the life of the house paint job. It should be years before you need to repaint.

Choosing exterior paint involves a lot of knowledge that I, as a professional house painter, know about regional weather and the products that are best suited for a given surface. This knowledge comes from 48 years of experience using different paint manufacturers’ products.  This is why I only use quality products from Benjamin Moore.  I do not use “contractor’s grade” paints, because I am in it for the long haul.

House paint does much more than add color. Your home's ability to resist the forces of nature depends on the best quality paint used.  Of course, it's not just using high-quality house paint. Proper surface preparation, primer, and caulking all add to the final outcome.

Painting the exterior of your home is the most cost-effective home improvement project that can be done. Imagine, for a nominal cost, completely changing the colors and look of your home. I have painted homes with modern, updated hues and colors which adds greater curb appeal.

At Painting With a Flair in Covington/Mandeville, LA, a professional painting contractor, would like the opportunity to discuss your exterior painting project and submit a free estimate and build a lasting relationship with you.  After all, our motto is… “Building One Relationship at a Time”.

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Exterior Color Selection:

1. Get a color deck or color swatches or use an interactive visualizer.

2. Begin with colors suggested by your roof and masonry.

3. To emphasize architectural details, outline them with an accent color that

    contrasts with the background.

4. Use darker colors to emphasize shadows and lighter colors to show


5. Avoid extreme contrasts. Choose colors that are related.

6. Study color samples outside, but never in direct sunlight. Bright sun will

    distort the color.

7. Always go with what you are drawn to and what you like.

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Do you need a professional residential painter or home improvement contractor for a project you have in mind? Also, ask me about my light commercial services.

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By properly inspecting your painting or improvement project onsite, I can more accurately assess the cost and what needs to be done.

 When I take on new projects, I view it as an opportunity to develop

long-term relationships. 


Choosing the right painter or improvement contractor

can make all the difference


For DIYers,

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I am not just a professional residential painter, I am also a home improvement contractor! 

I also handle light commercial services.

Remodeling and Home Design
Remodeling and Home Design
Dewey Rabion in Covington, LA on Houzz
Dewey Rabion in Covington, LA on Houzz
Dewey Rabion in Covington, LA on Houzz
Dewey Rabion in Covington, LA on Houzz
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