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Professional Pressure Washing Services

It is essential to pressure wash the exterior of the home before painting as there can be an excess of mold and mildew especially here in Louisiana, due to the humid climate and landscaping and foliage around the home.


Don’t be tempted to cut corners when power washing—using a garden hose will not remove all impurities and pollutants common to home exteriors. For example, mildew spores actually eat paint. Consider it a fuel that allows them to multiply rapidly. Mildew requires a bleach additive to completely kill spores.


Thorough pressure washing is essential for several reasons. Chemicals from landscape maintenance can cause paint to peel, discolor, or fail prematurely. Neglecting to remove dirt and chalk (it’s normal for paint to oxidize in the sun, and turn chalky to the touch) will prevent paint from sticking to siding. It sticks to the dirt instead, which will eventually be brushed or blown off the house.


We provide a thorough pressure washing with professional grade pressure washers and certified green products.  Most homeowners assume that they can use the low grade electrical pressure washers, but these pressure washers do not have adequate cleaning pressure.  Pressure washing with certified "green" products will eliminate these kinds of problems while increasing the life span of your exterior paint project.


We also pressure wash sidewalks, driveways and decks.


One of our mandatory steps in our preparation before exterior house painting is to do a complete pressure washing of your house.

Out of concern for our customers, the chemicals that we use are outdoor bleach and Jomax, which will not harm the plants, shrubs or grass.  Both are "Green Products".

It is very important to use right amount of pressure to avoid costly damage and repairs to the outer structure.  If you use too much pressure, you can cut in to the wood, stucco or damage vinyl siding.


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Eco-friendly Soft Wash

Soft Washing vs. Pressure Washing

Your property isn’t just dirty. You typically see the black streaks on your roof or stucco. The green molds on siding and composite decks. This is actually an infestation of living organisms that is not just on the surface but is just below the roof granules, below the stucco and concrete surface and in the siding nooks and crannies. If these surfaces are not cleaned they may need a more expensive method of restoration instead of cleaning.


Pressure washers have their place in the field of restoration, where an aggressive blasting of the surface is needed. Maybe for paint preparation, deck staining, pressure washing commercial flat surfaces etc. At some point if regular cleaning is not done, then painting (restoration) may be the only guaranteed option.


We are not the cheapest, but we are the professionals that provide the greatest value.


We apply a biodegradable GreenWash cleaning solution with an electric battery powered spray system with only a 45 psi amount of pressure – similar to pressure from garden hose.


We apply BleachWash to windows so that they don’t smear. We will also clean your exterior window sills.


We apply PlantWash to plants/shrubs in area where we are cleaning to help protect your plants.


Soft Wash eliminates water being forced in around badly sealed windows and doors, as well as, eliminates you breaking the seals on double-paned windows.


Gutters and Aluminum Windows

We have a softwashing additive designed to remove oxidation from sun exposure and metal corrosion. Common surfaces like aluminum or vinyl siding can be damaged by the UV rays of the sun on the southern and western exposures on the building. This oxidation can be easily removed by diluting the appropriate amount of additive into water and then applying at the appropriate ratio onto the surface.


Some metals like aluminum naturally leech oxides that cause a black or grey streaking on the aluminum surface or on adjacent surfaces. This is commonly seen on white aluminum gutters and is often described as tiger striping. Another example of where this is often seen is from oxidation leeching from the corners of window casings or out of the weep holes in the bottom of vinyl casement windows. This will often display as a grey streaking that may be confused as mildew streaking or may even remain after the mildew streaking has been cleaned away exposing the oxidation.


Wood Rejuvinator

We also have a wood restoring additive that is designed to be used on wood surfaces that are not traditionally sealed or stained. This additive acts as a leave in conditioner moisturizing the wood and providing precious oils to the wood, extending the service life of the wood product . Traditional wood washing and maintenance can include pretreatments with harsh caustic cleaners followed up by pressure washing then an application for neutralization of harsh acid treatments. Conversely the softwashing process allows for the cleaning of wood without the use of damaging pressure washing.


The biggest culprit in drying and color loss in wood is the sun. The sun's rays contain ultra violet rays (UV) that damage wood fibers at the cellular level. This additive also contains a UV inhibitor that penetrates the wood and remains behind much like sunblock on your skin. The next biggest agent of damage for wood products are wood destroying organisms (WDO's). This additive contains antimicrobial properties that create an uninviting environment for these microbes driving them away from the woods surface.

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Remodeling and Home Design
Remodeling and Home Design
Dewey Rabion in Covington, LA on Houzz
Dewey Rabion in Covington, LA on Houzz
Dewey Rabion in Covington, LA on Houzz
Dewey Rabion in Covington, LA on Houzz
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